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Co-Parenting In A Crisis March 15, 2020 by Bobbie Batley

What is the “right” thing to do in terms of co-parenting during a crisis such as this?  If possible, be kind to your child’s other parent.  If kindness is too much to ask, at least try for a polite business-like exchange.  Your children are lacking the stability of their school and possibly daily contact with their friends and support system, they do not need to feel as if their parents are not stable on top of that.  Try to be open to the possibility that you each may need help during this time.  Many employers are trying to be flexible with work schedules, so maybe this is a time to relax some of the normal time-sharing periods and really try to figure out what works for both of you and your children.  This is not a time to be legalistic nor to demand “make up” time.  Parents and children are re-scheduling travel plans all over the country so this is a good time to look ahead at the schedule and see if that is something that can be worked out now or if it should be tabled until we know more about what the next few months will bring.  In addition, many children’s extracurricular activities are being cancelled.  This may leave children feeling “bored” and frustrated.  Possibly, each parent could think of things that the child might like to do and offer time up to the other parent to do those things.  I have seen some great online lists of safe activities to do with children while they are out of school. Read More at

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